Downtown Bozeman Ecumenical
Vacation Bible School 2020
June 22 – 26th, 2020
Monday thru Friday 8am – 12pm 
Registration IS NOW OPEN!
Questions? Contact: Alison Skillman 406-551-7207
Vacation Bible School 2020: Going Digital!
Rocky Railway

We hope you can join us on the Rocky Railway this summer for a new kind of VBS! We are going digital to keep everyone safe, but maintain all the fun VBS brings us every summer!

Important Information!

  • VBS will still be Monday, June 22- Friday, June 26
  • VBS will NOT be congregating at the churches, instead we will create online materials that families can participate in together. This information will be provided to those who have registered closer to VBS.
  • Supply pick up day will be Sunday, June 21 and will be located at Bozeman United Methodist Church.
  • All Adult volunteers are required to have a background check.
  • Adult volunteers are encouraged not to participate if they are in high risk categories or are experienced COVID symptoms.


Please direct all questions about Vacation Bible School to Alison Skillman

How Can YOU Participate?

CHILDREN can participate in two ways!

  1. Families can participate in VBS at their own homes. This would include the family member who wants to lead their children in the activities provided and any children in the home who want to participate.

2. Children can attend a House VBS where a small group of children would meet at a volunteer’s home with a youth assistant and participate in the VBS activities.


We need a few adult volunteers to lead a House VBS in their homes! This would include children (a group of 8 or fewer) to come to your home and participate in fun VBS activities*

*Please note the VBS Team is working on sanitization measures for House VBS (such as hand sanitizing and taking a temperature before entry in the home)


can participate in two ways!

  1. Youth assistants will help lead a wrap up video chat for children who are participating in VBS at their own homes.
  2. Youth assistants can participate in a House VBS at an Adult Volunteer’s home to help lead on site activities.

How To Register and Fees

VBS Registration Fees will staying the same so we can afford supplies, t-shirts, and some goodies for this kids!

– $25 for the first child

– $10 for additional children

– Family will pay no more than $45
KIDS 4 Years Old – 6th Grade
Registration IS LIVE!
Youth Assistants (7th Grade – 12th Grade)
Adult Volunteers
Register Here: