Thanks for a Truck for Kutela

The truck for Quessua Agriculture

Kutela Katembo is the agriculturalist at Quessua Mission Station, which was a major center of education, agriculture, medicine and worship before Angola’s 25 year-long civil war.  Gloria Edwards visited there in November and describes him as “absolutely invaluable and a dear, kind man.”  In addition to providing food for the residents of Quessua and the surrounding villages, Kutela also teaches them about nutrition, provides seeds for neighboring farmers and teaches them how best to plant and harvest their crops.  Kutela has a tractor but it gets stuck in the mud because it is not 4 wheel-drive.

Kutela is transforming Quessua.  He has established fields where vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, maize, and carrots are grown.  He has overseen the planting of moringa trees and lemon, lime, avocado and banana orchards, and Gloria got to help plant more banana trees.  They now have a rabbitry to provide protein and fertilizer, two sheep as the start of a flock, and a fence has recently been erected in anticipation of the arrival of cattle. 

He has done all of this without a truck.

How do you farm without a truck?  It takes a lot of manual labor, and getting a ride from Ken Koome or taking a motor bike if you need to go to town to buy seed and supplies.  This was especially difficult after Kutela broke his foot last winter when he fell off a motorcycle.  There really are no other transportation options for him.

Here’s the good news – in the past few weeks Kutela was able to buy this truck!  The purchase was a joint effort of the General Board of Global Ministries, the East Angola Conference, the Yellowstone Annual Conference, and our financial contributions accumulated over a few years.  In fact, BUMC funded all but $1000 of cost of this truck.

On December 9 we received this letter from Kutela:

To: The Bozeman UMC Church
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I greet you in the name of our savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Great is my joy and pleasure to take this opportunity to sincerely thank God and  you for the great gesture that you have made by making one of our important dreams come alive. Quessua Agriculture now has a truck for his Mission!

Since arriving to Quessua Mission two years ago, transport has been a great challenge for our ministry work. God has answered prayers with your gift and being who he is has made our dream come alive.

This truck will be kept well for his purpose and I promise to look after it.  I ask that you pray for this truck and for me as I use it so that we may be protected and blessed as it enters into God’s mission through us. May the almighty God bless and protect it.

There is still much more to be done at Quessua Agriculture; your prayers and support to our ministry are very important in order to accomplish our work.

Once again, I thank you all and May God bless you and continue opening your hearts for doing good for others. Acts 20:35.

Your brother in Christ,

Kutela Katembo

You are helping to transform the world through the connections of the United Methodist Church.  You are making a difference in the lives of many people.  Thank you all for your support!

Kutela, carrots and kids at Quessua

Women in a farm trailer

Gloria planting banana trees

Gloria and a fence for the