Social Justice Action Team: Who We Are & What We Do

In wake of the protests regarding the racial injustice, across this country, a group of Methodists in the Gallatin Valley (Bozeman UMC and Living Waters UMC) decided to get together to put their passion for social justice into action. As United Methodists, we are called to stand up against injustice. In the baptismal covenant of the United Methodist Church, we commit to our vow to:

“accept the freedom and power God gives [us] to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.”

SJAT does a variety of initiatives and projects including supporting missions with chosen emphases—homelessness and food insecurity, providing educational initiatives on mental health and racial justice, to informing our congregation about legislation during the current session of the Montana legislature regarding certain and other issues to which our Christian faith speaks. Last not but least, we are a newly formed group that aims to grow our vision and presence.