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Methodist Visiting Day March 26th
Are you looking for something to give up for Lent? How about a Sunday afternoon. The missions team would like you to “give up” one Sunday afternoon to visit our shut-in members. We will be doing this on March 26. This can be done by individuals or families, and we will give you all the support you need. We will be giving these folks small gifts and just spending a little time with them, they usually have some pretty interesting stories to share. If you can’t make a visit, perhaps you would like to help with the preliminary calling.

The Missions team has $11,000.00 to spend and is asking for help from the congregation. If you know of a need, either locally or beyond our community, please write it down, along with the cost of that project and place it in the suggestion box below.

If you would like to contribute to this special fund, please designate your giving to the Lenten Mission Project thru Easter via the Missions Opportunity Fund. www.bozemanumc.org/giving

As many of you know, our church has been supporting a couple schools in El Salvador and have sent mission teams there in the past. We are excited that in April we have another team going down. The main focus of this trip is to encourage literacy and especially reading to children. I’m sure many of you remember being read to by your parents or grandparents, or reading to your own children and grandkids. Unfortunately that is not happening so much in the area where we go. We hope to encourage the parents to read to their children, starting when they are babies. One way we might do this is to host a childrens’ story time. But we will need books. We would like to send each team member down with 100 pounds of children’s books, written in Spanish. If you feel moved to help with that, there is an Amazon site with some specific books you can order. We would need them shipped to Bozeman UMC Missions 121 S. Willson Bozeman, MT 59715 (by April 10).

Bible Sunday: Easter Sunday April 9th at all services. We would like to honor children in 3rd grade (or older) who have not yet received a Bible from their church family to join us Easter Sunday April 9th to be honored. Please complete the form at or call the office 406-586-5413.

Sign up for Bible Sunday April 9

Sign Up to Serve at the Youth Group Easter Breakfast Fundraiser.
Sponsor an Easter Lily for Sunday April 9th in honor or memory of a loved one (or spring altar flowers):
($45 each, please list who you are honoring in the notes):
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You can now request a greeting card sent to a parishioner having a hard time, facing an illness or grieving! Or request a meal be sent to someone in need thru our Nurture Care meal team. The request form can be accessed at Sign Up