Community Cafe Involvement

Are you looking for an easy way to help people in your community? Volunteer at the Community Cafe!  Because it’s open 365 days a year for dinner, there are many opportunities for you to help and it’s fun to work with a group of 7-9 other folks.  So far 50 different people have volunteered on BUMC’s first Monday night commitment since December 2014, but you can help out on other evenings, too.  Now there are also openings during the day for volunteers; check out the options at the  Cafe volunteer link
The Community Cafe provides a welcoming atmosphere to anyone who wants to enjoy a warm and nutritious meal. The Café is part of HRDC’s Emergency Food and Nutrition Initiative, striving to improve food security throughout the Gallatin Valley.  It provides a restaurant style dinner service to anyone who eats regardless of their ability to contribute.  June 2015  saw a 27% increase in people served over the previous year – 2,686 diners were served.  In July over 4,580 meals were served to 2,763 hungry folks, a 14% increase over last year.
The Cafe operates on a pay what you can model, allowing those who can contribute to pay it forward for others who cannot.  This has been working well, but the Cafe has not made a profit yet.  Fixed costs to run the Cafe are $70,800 per year.  These include water/sewer, insurance, utilities, staff salaries, mortgage payments, maintenance etc. The Cafe does receive the bulk of food served from the Food Bank but there are some food items that need to be purchased as well. A coffee hut is in the works and sales will support the Cafe.
The Community Cafe is at 302 North 7th Avenue in Bozeman, dinner is from 5-7 p.m. daily.  You are invited to come and eat any day!