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Enrollment Information for Families

Classroom Information

Program Description:

Infants (0-12 months): Our infant program is going to be a room of babies from six weeks old to one year of age. These infants will have a daily schedule based on their needs and a written or digital copy of their Montana infant feeding schedule. These licensed caregivers will feed, diaper change, groom, and play with these children for ten hours a way, five days a week. There will be set curriculum and goals made by the parents to work on with the children while at school and at home.

Toddlers (12 months-24 months): Our toddler program is a classroom with children ages one year to two years of age. These children will have a daily schedule based on the developmental needs of these children. The needs for each child are individualized and will be met based on plans created by parents and their caregivers as a team. There will be set meal times, practicing family style seating, outdoor play, and centers within their classroom where they will grow as learners hitting different domains (physical, social/emotional, communication, cognitive).

Two’s (24 months-48 months): Our two’s program will be two classrooms filled with children ages two to four years of age with set daily schedules including circle time, group discussions, play, art, outdoor play and more. These children will be working on their specific developmental needs based on the teachers assessments and goals. Our “two’s” will be working towards school readiness, practice writing, science, counting, shapes, alphabet and establishing their basic needs at this age.

Preschool (4-5 year olds): Our preschool program will be a compilation of all of our other classes into two rooms with four and five year olds preparing them for Kindergarten. These children will be mastering their basic needs, (feeding themselves, grooming, potty training, self regulation) and will be working towards their specific developmental goals created by their teachers and parents based off of the curriculum and Montana Early Learning Standards set in place. We will work hard to ensure that our preschool students have the best space for school readiness and prepare them for what is to come.

Enrollment Fees

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Enrollment Application Fee: Free

Yearly Registration Fees: $50 (year from start date – September 1st, 2019)

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Enrollment Process
The Gathering Place will open its doors September 3, 2019 (after Labor Day) and is currently accepting all inquiries.
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