Grace and Peace Bozeman United Methodist Church, 
As many of you know we hold a yearly Charge Conference meeting with the leadership of the church, members of the church, and our District Superintendent. If you are not familiar with what Charge Conference is, its a yearly meeting where the Pastor’s Salary is approved for the following year, church leadership is set in place for the following year, and the District Superintendent has a change to hear from the lay people of the church. 
This year we held our Charge Conference on Thursday December 22 via zoom, which is later in the year than normal.  This is partly due to our District Superintendent, Rev Lynn Miller Jackson, living in Utah and all Charge Conferences via Zoom.   December is never ideal for a Charge Conference meeting and I apologize for any information or communication that did not happen around the scheduling of the meeting. 
Below you will find the current required documentation the Conference requires and discusses during the Charge Conference meeting. 
-Lay Leadership Report including Leadership Team Roles
-Report of Membership and Worship Attendance
-2023 Clergy Compensation For Rev Zach Bechtold (No change from 2022) and Pastor Mari-Emilie Anderson (1/4 Bozeman – 3/4 Livingston Area)
-Report of the Pastor
-Continuing Formation Report (for the Pastor)
-Disaster Preparedness Contact From (For the Pastor)
-Church’s Commitment to Mission Shares 
If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  My goal as a pastor is to have complete transparency from the Pastors office to the rest of the church.  
Do Good…
Pastor Zach