Books for the Detention Center

This spring BUMC participated in a collection of gently used books for the inmates at the Gallatin County Detention Center, a project that was very simple on our part and positively impacted those in the Center.  The variety of books donated was wide-ranging, and the inmates are encouraged by these tangible signs that they have not been forgotten.
Here are some of their own words from their writing groups, on the topic of  “Why Reading Matters in Jail”:
Reading is a big part of being incarsirated.  It’s a few hour’s a day to espace reality without having to alter your mind with drugs.  Also it really helps inmates vocabulary not the spelling lol.  You learn alot from books like life lessons, morals, and just random facts about the world.  My time in jail has been mostly spent reading.  In my 50 days of lockdown I would have lost my mind if I didn’t have books.  That’s why reading is so important in jail/prison.
Friday comes and we hear a click as the door to our Pod unlocks  Numerous girls gather creating a tight knot of people close as we can to the door trying our hardest to let the bookcart through.  We converge on it like a pack of wolves to a fresh kill.  Reading is a means of escape here for me when I need to escape to the unknown world of a book.  They are also tools for learning when the time occurs when I need to suck knowledge into my brain.  We take for granted having the internet at our fingertips or the ability to make that quick trip to the library.  Having access to books means the world to me.  
The Mission Blog is going to “pause” for a while.  Because of budget cuts and the change in staffing happening in July, the Pastor Staff Parish Relations Committee (PSPRC) decided to stop funding the Mission Coordinator position effective April 23, 2018.  I have enjoyed being the person responsible for maintaining the blog, but will not be posting any longer.  It is up to the church staff and Mission Team to decide who will continue this.  There are four and a half years’ worth of articles here, covering a wide variety of topics, and hopefully they have been useful and of interest to you.  Please watch for a notice announcing who will continue the blog.
-Cathy Baumbauer, BUMC Mission Coordinator