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We are looking at Fall 2020 options for a hybrid worship model or small group model.
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Bozeman United Methodist Church is a diverse community of Christians who affirm that all persons are made in the image of God, and thus all persons have a sacred worth and dignity. We range across the political spectrum, and we welcome people of all ages, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, family configurations, economic standing, and mental and physical abilities. Everyone is welcome as we journey together following Jesus.

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Giving At BUMC!
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Through your gifts BUMC makes a difference in our community and in our world. Follow these links below to make a contribution:
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About Us
At an all church meeting, BUMC adopted a values and purpose statement. Three of those values are:
Every Person Is Sacred. We believe every person is created in the image of God and is of sacred worth. To believe otherwise is to be isolated from the world and from God.
Risky Faith. We take these risks to be intellectual and faithful, to build bridges with strangers of diversity, to be forward-thinking and still Biblical, and to be Methodist and more than Methodist.
Justice-seeking Community. We show God’s love to the world through actions that alleviate suffering and break down barriers in the world through service and justice.
An opportunity to live out these vales is before us.
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Worship & Devotion


Worship Sept thru May at 8:30 & 10:30 AM every Sunday.  Sunday morning services also offer special times for children.
Holy Communion is served the first Sunday of each month.  All welcome to receive communion in the United Methodist Church.
Childcare in the BUMC nursery is available for infants, toddlers & children up to 1st Grade.
There is a PRAYground in the sanctuary. This area is meant for parents with small children to have a place to play together in the service and there are activity books and coloring pages for older kids too.
If you have questions regarding worship, please contact the Worship Pastor Eric@bozemanumc.org

Education Hour

During the school year BUMC offers Sunday School for all ages from 9:30 to 10:30 AM.  Children participate in a hands on learning experience. Teens have an opportunity to lead younger kids in their studies on Sunday and participate in their own activities and learning on Wednesdays.  Adults are offered a variety of Bible Studies, Sermon Conversation groups, and more.
If you would like to teach, lead or help in any way with a study, group discussion, or Sunday School, be sure to call 406.586.5413.
(Christian Education, Ministry with Adults)
Abbie Thompson, 406-551-7212
(Children’s Ministry Coordinator PreK-5th Grade)
(Youth Ministry Coordinator 6th-12th Grade) 
for more information.


Fellowship happens between services every Sunday in the Narthex and Fireside Room.  During the summer we move the refreshments outdoors and enjoy fellowship at the picnic table.
Contact the office 406-586-5413 if you have an interest with helping with refreshments for fellowship time.
Education & Study
Sunday Morning Studies
for Adults
Faith Conversation 
This is a gathering of people interested in how our Christian faith shapes who we are and how we live. 
Bible Study
This group focuses on learning from scripture and is has 4-6 week studies using all church study curriculum from Adam Hamilton, Eugene Peterson, DISCIPLE track and Immersion. 
Sticky Faith Parenting Group
Learning together from Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at home.
Please contact me if you have any questions: Rev. Amy Strader amy@bozemanumc.org
Sunday School for Kids
BUMC Kids Zone Group on Facebook
(Children’s Ministry Coordinator PreK-5th Grade)
Community & Fellowship Opportunities
We are a Stephen Ministry Congregation!

Stephen Ministry is a lay caring ministry founded in 1975. It is used by 13,000 churches in over 170 Christian denominations throughout the world.  More than one-and-a-half-million people have had a Stephen Minister providing one-to-one Christian care during their tough times.  Those receiving care may be experiencing life challenges like divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness (their own or someone else’s), or other significant experience causing grief, loneliness, fear or anger.

Bozeman UMC became a Stephen Ministry congregation in 2014. At present, we have over 20 Stephen Ministers led by 4 Stephen Leaders. Since that time, we have cared for more than 50 hurting people.
To find to find out more … click the logo on the left!
We financially and physically support the Fork & Spoon, Montana’s first and only pay-what-you-can restaurant. We serve homegrown, scratch cooking at a price that’s affordable for everyone.
Join us for dinner! We think you’ll find something for everyone on our menu.
To find to find out more … click the logo on the left!
We are a Family Promise Volunteer Host Congregation
About five times each year, for one week at a time, each host congregation provides a place to sleep, meals, and compassionate hospitality for up to four homeless families. Volunteers are the core of the Family Promise network. At each site, volunteers cook meals, socialize with guests, play with children and stay overnight. They also help care for the Day Center as well as fundraising activities and guest events.
Local agencies refer families to our network. All guests are screened by our professional staff to ensure there is no active substance abuse, risk of violence, or serious mental illness. Family Promise families work actively with our case manager as well as local social service agencies to find employment, childcare, affordable housing — allowing them to develop the skills they need to regain their independence, and keep it!
To find to find out more … click the logo on the left!

Giving & Service


Missions – July Racial Justice Action Week

Racial Justice Action Week Prayer Vigil
Jul 13, 2020 7:00PM Mountain Time




BUMC Missions

What is Missions? United Methodists continue to heed the lessons our founder, John Wesley, who talked about love of God and love of neighbor being hand-in-hand; living into what Jesus was teaching us.
Jesus said “Here’s what love of neighbor looks like: you saw me hungry and you fed me. You saw me thirsty and you gave me a drink. You saw me sick and you took care of me.” That is what love of neighbor looks like and those neighbors are in your neighborhood, community, state and all over the world.
Our church is deeply committed to combating homelessness, hunger, poverty, global health, education, disaster relief and social justice advocacy efforts. It is part of our Wesleyan DNA. All of these efforts to serve God also serve our neighbors and fulfill our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
Families and Staff at The Gathering Place,
Below is a letter informing all on the most recent status of The Gathering Place CLC. If you need more resources or activities or have any questions please email us at katie@bozemanumc.org
Click to open/download the letter
121 S. Willson Ave.,
Bozeman, MT 59715
Parking & Drop Off Info:

For drop off and pick up you can temporarily park in the back alley or in the Dokken-Nelson parking lot. For longer periods of time need to  park on the side streets along Olive, or Grand. Please respect the signs on the roads and parking lots dedicated to other businesses, thank you.


All about our director, teachers and programs.


See our current job openings.


Find out about our enrollment policies, fees and start the process.
Downtown Bozeman Ecumenical
Vacation Bible School 2020
June 22 – 26th, 2020
Monday thru Friday 8am – 12pm 
Registration IS NOW OPEN!
Questions? Contact: Alison Skillman 406-551-7207
Vacation Bible School 2020: Going Digital!
Rocky Railway

We hope you can join us on the Rocky Railway this summer for a new kind of VBS! We are going digital to keep everyone safe, but maintain all the fun VBS brings us every summer!

Important Information!

  • VBS will still be Monday, June 22- Friday, June 26
  • VBS will NOT be congregating at the churches, instead we will create online materials that families can participate in together. This information will be provided to those who have registered closer to VBS.
  • Supply pick up day will be Sunday, June 21 and will be located at Bozeman United Methodist Church.
  • All Adult volunteers are required to have a background check.
  • Adult volunteers are encouraged not to participate if they are in high risk categories or are experienced COVID symptoms.


Please direct all questions about Vacation Bible School to Alison Skillman alison@bozemanumc.org

How Can YOU Participate?

CHILDREN can participate in two ways!

  1. Families can participate in VBS at their own homes. This would include the family member who wants to lead their children in the activities provided and any children in the home who want to participate.

2. Children can attend a House VBS where a small group of children would meet at a volunteer’s home with a youth assistant and participate in the VBS activities.


We need a few adult volunteers to lead a House VBS in their homes! This would include children (a group of 8 or fewer) to come to your home and participate in fun VBS activities*

*Please note the VBS Team is working on sanitization measures for House VBS (such as hand sanitizing and taking a temperature before entry in the home)


can participate in two ways!

  1. Youth assistants will help lead a wrap up video chat for children who are participating in VBS at their own homes.
  2. Youth assistants can participate in a House VBS at an Adult Volunteer’s home to help lead on site activities.

How To Register and Fees

VBS Registration Fees will staying the same so we can afford supplies, t-shirts, and some goodies for this kids!

– $25 for the first child

– $10 for additional children

– Family will pay no more than $45
KIDS 4 Years Old – 6th Grade
Registration IS LIVE!
Youth Assistants (7th Grade – 12th Grade)
Adult Volunteers
Register Here:

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